The Labor leader opened aWeChat officialpublic account, a big win over Morrison, 62 versus 11 likes

The Sydney Post

Posted by Tommy Huang


On May 10, Australian Federal Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese opened a WeChatofficial public account, yet another political leader creating a bridge to connect to Chinese people after Prime Minister Morrison.

As a social media tool for Chinese around the world, WeChat is also one of the main communication tools for Chinese-Australians. As important Australian politicians have opened WeChat official accounts one after another, it proves that Australian politicians have recognized the importance of the Chinese population in Australia, and it is also an affirmation of the contribution of the Chinese community to Australian society.

It is understood that as early as 2019, Prime Minister Morrison opened the public account, and issued the first article of the public account promotion. However, it took more than two years for the first post to get 11 likes, while Labor leader Albanese has 62likes in two days at the time of writing. Commentersonline jokedthat the difference in popularity of the major parties is plain to see, and that the Labor Party is clearly more popular amongst Chinese people.


The picture is a screenshot of the first article on the official account of the Labor leader.


The picture shows the first article of Prime Minister Morrison’s official account.


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