A Letter to Supporters: Labor leader Anthony Albanese vows to become Prime Minister of Australia – Sydney Post exclusive

Tonight, I stood in our nation’s Parliament to outline Labor’s plan to build a stronger Australia. A plan for jobs. A plan for housing. A plan to bring back apprenticeships. A plan for aged care.
I understand the value and the power of good government. It made my mum’s life better. It made my life better.
Over the past eight years, the Liberals and Nationals have done nothing to improve the lives of Australians.
Now they sense an election is coming, and they’re filling up the slush funds.
They’ve been busy building swimming pools in Liberal and National electorates – all while social housing crumbles into disrepair, older Australians go hungry in aged care homes, and nurses on the frontline of the pandemic go without personal protective equipment.
It’s enough to make your blood boil.
And when it comes to climate change, Australia is stuck on mute. Scott Morrison is totally out of his depth – stuck in the past while the world warms around him.
Our country needs – and deserves – a better government. I know it. You know it.
The Liberals and Nationals have no plan for quarantine to protect our economy. Scott Morrison has been too busy rolling out the red carpet for himself, he’s failed to roll out the vaccine for Australians.
And in his Budget on Tuesday night, he promised to give you a pay cut over the next four years.
We can do so much better than that.
I’m here because of the sacrifices my mum made to give me a better life. I’m where I am today because she believed in me.
When times got tough for us, we stuck together, came up with a plan, and we got through it.
Australians are smart. We are capable. We can seize this moment to build back a better society and a stronger economy – one that works for people.
We can be a country where a full time job means a decent quality of life.
I plan for this to be Labor’s last Budget Reply speech.
We can win the next Federal Election. It is within our grasp.
And we need your help to do it.
Will you donate $20 to help Labor defeat the Morrison Government?
Donate $20
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Scott Morrison is a political opportunist – he could call the next election as early as this year.
He’s just in it for himself and his mates.
I will be a Prime Minister who shares your values.
A Prime Minister for all Australians.
And I will lead a Labor Government that’s on your side.






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