By Darrell Egan

Australian Minerals and Resources Minister Matt Canavan has been conjuring up a boogey man China comparison cop out in not wanting to commit to clean energy targets, without any details of what he is comparing Australia to in regards to China.

If Matt is attempting to hold China up as an example of not making inroads to clean energy we really need to look at in detail what China has done in regards to moving towards clean Energy.

From 2013 the Tsinghua University and Asian Development Bank has been producing Clean Energy reports  for the Chinese Government.

This years report showed that China has one of the largest Green Financial markets with Green Loans exceeding 10.6 trillion dollars and the issuing of Green Bonds exceeding 1.1 trillion dollars.

In efforts in being part of an international Green Energy future China Co-Chairs the G20 Green Finance Study Group

(Reference link:, co-founded the Network for Greening the Financial System(Reference link: and launched the Green International Principles with International partners as part of the Belt and Road Initiative to name a few of their environmental initiatives (Reference link:

In cooperation with Mongolia the first Green Finance Tax scheme in Mongolia, with Technical assistance from the Tsinghua Green Finance Centre and the China Green Finance Committee.

(Reference link:

(Reference link:

Further to this is on the ground grassroots efforts to tackle Climate change in establishing the roots for the Billion Tree Project in which schools, community groups and private companies covered 23 percent of China with forests in 2020.

(Reference link:

These are initiatives Matt Canavan could learn from and get off the starting blocks.

In relation to China’s Electric Vehicle production their sales domestically increased by 8% and 43 % in export sales from 2019 to 2020. This increased sustained itself through the COVID pandemic.

(Reference Link:,of%20all%20EVs%20sold%20worldwide.&text=This%20was%20quite%20a%20surprise,models%20with%20internal%20combustion%20engines)

With a population of 1.4 Billion people China plans to have 40 percent of all vehicles in China sold to Electric Vehicles. (Reference link:

In relation to electric buses a 2018 Bloomberg New Energy Finance report found in 2016 that China was on average registering 340 buses a day in every single city in China.

(Reference Link:

In this same report it was found that in 2017 the circulation of China’s buses, 17% are Electric Vehicle buses. 90,000 of China’s registered buses are electric powered and 16 thousand are hybrid plug in powered.

(Reference link:

This is far from the cop out excuse boogey man that Matt Caravan is conjuring.

If Matt wants to come on board with the Boogey man he is conjuring, the only thing that Matt is decide wha he is going to do with the stocking of coal import reduction present China gave back to Australia last Christmas.

(Contributing writer with The Sydney Post/Australia & China Watcher)


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